Echoes™ from Finland

There is a saying in Finnish, whereby you cannot see the trees from the forest. It means that when one is too close to things, they become self-evident. Thus the roots of the Echoes™ exhibition are in China.

Its contents were born while Echoes™ producer and art pedagogue Laura Isoniemi was in Shanghai as part of a teacher exchange programme between the Aalto University and the Tongji University in 2014. The exhibition is essentially based on a lecture that she held for Chinese architecture students and since then the content has been extensively developed among a multidisciplinary curatorial team.

While outlining her lecture under different themes by way of a mindmap, compiling skillful designers and buildings, and discovering common denominators among them, an image opened up before her of a forward-looking Finland with the ability to create – even from modest materials – aesthetically pleasing, functional and impressive objects and buildings.

In Finland, nature plays an important role in people’s life. We create objects, buildings and services for our environment and the circumstances that we live in. At the heart of the Echoes™ exhibition is the aim to make these unique characteristics and the plurality of the designers’ approaches visible. Through this exhibition, we wish to share Finland´s one hundred year journey in design and architecture with international audiences.